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Funding Systems Change Programs

PFund is a LGBT community foundation that advances social justice for LGBT and allied communities in Minnesota and the Upper Midwest. We recognize the LGBT movement as part of the broader movement for social justice and believe philanthropy has an immense influence on creating long-lasting social change.

PFund focuses on funding social change organizations and projects, developing leaders, inspiring giving and convening and reporting on priority issues within LGBT and allied communities. We work to change attitudes, systems and break down barriers at the intersection of our identities –sexual orientation, gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, class and ability – to create healthy communities and widespread equity.

Power of One and Philanthropy Awards

Click here for more information about PFund's leadership recognition awards.

Grant Program

PFund funds LGBT and allied organizations working to advance systemic and social change for LGBT and allied communities in Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin. Currently PFund distributes $100,000 annually in grants to LGBT and allied organizations in the Upper Midwest whose efforts align with the foundation’s grantmaking and funding areas of interest.

Through our grantmaking, PFund seeks to:

  • Create institutional change by addressing the root causes of injustice

  • Provide access to resources / services for underserved populations within LGBT communities

  • Create healthy and inclusive communities advancing equity and social justice at the intersection of our multiple identities

  • Challenge oppression based on race, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity/ expression, socioeconomic status and all forms of oppression

We are proud of the wide range of grantee partners including grassroots and emerging organizations whose access to traditional funding resources is often limited. Take a look at our current grantee partners.

Learn more about our funding priorities and grant guidelines here.

Scholarship Program

PFund’s annual scholarship program awards LGBT and allied students enrolled in a trade school, college or university for their demonstrated commitment to serving and leading within LGBT and allied communities in Minnesota. PFund’s scholarship awards are created by generous donors inspired to develop LGBT and allied leadership today and into the future.

PFund’s scholarship recipients receive tuition-based financial support ranging from $2,000 to $10,000. Our scholarship recipients today are pursuing a vast range of careers in education, arts and music, law, medicine, community organizing and policy advocacy to name a few.

Learn more about PFund's recent scholarship recipients and how to apply for a scholarship.

Targeted Initiatives

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Learn more about PFund's current scholarship recipients

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Targeted Initiative

Learn more about PFund's Racial Equity Initiative

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