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Working together, we can build a stronger community!

When you give of your time or treasure to PFund, you help us move closer to a free and inclusive society. It’s a gift that helps support and strengthen individuals and organizations throughout the Upper Midwest.

There are many ways to help support PFund, by making a donation, specifying PFund in your estate plan or donating your time as a volunteer. Your gift to PFund is one that makes a positive difference, both in your community and society as a whole.

Write us in!
As a social justice organiation, Community Shares of Minnesota (formerly Community Solutions Fund) has invited us to take advantage of their presence in workplace giving campaigns throughout the Twin Cities an great Minnesota. This is a new option for you to give. Wherever Community Shares is represented, you can designate your gifts to the organizations you choose--including PFund. Tell you friends!

Simply write in Philanthrofund on your pledge form.

The need for help remains strong - LGBT communities throughout the country and in the Upper Midwest share a common need for continued financial support. Presently, of all foundation money donated to nonprofits, less than one percent goes to LGBT-focused projects.

And the current giving climate is very tight – at a time when needs have never been stronger. Today, PFund can fund less than 1 in 3 grant and scholarship requests.

Ask yourself: If we don’t support our very own communities, who will?

Your gift as a volunteer or donor makes a difference to PFund and the organizations and scholarship recipients we fund.

Today, we count on thousands of dedicated donors and hundreds of committed volunteers annually to help strengthen and celebrate our gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities. And we’d like to grow even stronger, to make an even greater difference in communities throughout our region.

We invite you to join us, and come along on a journey that is out of the ordinary.


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